Been really bad, haven’t been on here in months. For shame. OK, so I need to make a list. Love me some lists. And I have some questions.

Do I stay where I’m at? Is it worth my time? Should I redirect my efforts elsewhere? Before I decide that I need to ask myself if I’ve make the most out of this opportunity. And the answer is no. So make the most first, then if it doesn’t go anywhere, find somewhere else. OK, that’s done. Now how do I make the most out of this?

Make my schedule more available.

Follow through with connections, ie Carol S, going into Linc and seeing if they would want routine availability, Jill M, Kim D

Talk to Lori, marketing ideas, trends

Talk to Debbie. Ideas for marketing: signs, boutiques, house parties (piggy back onto mary kay or pampered chef or silpada or whatevers hot)

Chair massage at places, events to promote my business. What parties, events?

Signs? Talk to Susie P, do they do those? How much?

Promote the corp massage in corona and then promote my office.

Chair massage at Revive? Ask Julie.

I’m here to hold myself accountable. This will be a daily (or however often I blog) progress report of what I’m doing to achieve my goal of a successful business and a content emotional state. The target readership is me.


So to hold myself accountable I need to do at least 2 of following everyday:

  1. Create a blog ā€“ purpose: to hold me accountable for marketing and networking. Use it as a teaching tool for myself and others who are starting out. A daily progress report of what Iā€™m doing to achieve my goal of a successful business. Target is me for starters.
  2. Create blog entry ā€“ logging what I have done since last entry to market and network my business, improve my brand, improve my confidence, who I have met/connected with, what I have learned
  3. Make 2 new LinkedIn connections ā€“ valuable connections
  4. Update FB page for BodyWorks ā€“ at least weekly
  5. Reach out to find new FB fans for BodyWorks
  6. Track down potential office massage locations ā€“ get contact info
  7. Reach out to potential office massage locations
  8. Hand out office massage flyers to legitimate businesses
  9. Sell a gift certificate
  10. Engage in a discussion about my business with new contact
  11. Go to a networking meeting
  12. Research other networking groups

Woohoo, first day done! I did 2 on the list. Actually 3. I did #1, #2, and #10.